Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oil Painting Class II

Today was week 3 of oil painting class, week 2 of actual painting. Last week the lesson was on how to do an underpainting, and this week we started adding some glazes and doing some actual painting. I'm enjoying it far more than I ever imagined, but I keep running out of time. I need to learn to work a little faster. :P

Here's a picture of the underpainting I did last week for my still life

And here it is this week after some glazes and painting.


  1. Seriously, no one else had anything to say about this?! Nice work, especially on the reflections. I also like that you went for the wide shot of the quintessential haphazard, paint-splattered art studio. More to come?

  2. Thanks! I have one more class to finish up that particular painting and then there will be a new still life to paint after that. If all goes well I won't forget my camera and I'll take some more in-progress shots. :)